Hello, Peeps!

I’m sorry that it’s been so long since I’ve posted a blog.  Much has happened to me in the journey of life since I last posted a blog!!

On February 18th I had “my wings clipped,” if you know what I mean.  I trotted into Mountain Empire Animal Hospital just as happy as a little lark at 8:15 a.m.  However, when Laura came to pick me up late in the afternoon, my demeanor was much different.  You will see the difference in the photo posted.

Then I developed gastrointestinal issues which escalated as the days went by.  I returned to Mountain Empire for two days where they ran a complete blood panel, took x-rays to see if I had a blockage, and had several barium enemas.  The surgeon looked at my x-rays and gave me a complete workup too.  It was determined that I had inflamed intestines.  They said that when a dog is hyper like me that sometimes their system over stresses from surgery or anesthesia and that’s what happened to me.  I went home with  two prescriptions to help my issue and to calm my stomach and a case of prescriptive canned dog food.  Thank goodness, when I finished my medicines, I was back to normal and happy to be normal again.

When Laura came to pick me up and take me home, she had my car door opened and was leaning up against the car.  She was parked in the parking space next to the front door.  When the technician and I stepped onto the parking lot and I saw the car door open; I literally leaped up and projected myself through the air for a couple of feet and landed in my seat.  Everyone just stood there with their mouths open saying, “how in the world did he do that?”  I would have been a good candidate for World’s Funniest Videos.  I was just so happy to be going home that I guess my Superman abilities kicked in.  It was a sight to see!!!

I will be going to boarding school soon to learn the fine tuning behavior of “no bark,” “no jump,” being quiet when wheels are around, etc. When I finish, I will be certified as a true therapy dog and will be ready to visit people in the hospitals and nursing homes when we are allowed to return.  I’ll be writing about that adventure too.

Until then, take care and happy trails!






Hello!  I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas!  As we begin the new year of 2021, our prayer is for each of you to have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2021.

I cannot believe that I am seven months old and have grown so much.  When Renee and Laura picked me up at Pigeon Forge Doodles in Pigeon Forge, TN, I weighed 6 pounds.  Now in January, almost 7 months to the day I was born, I weigh 30 pounds! I was 1 month old in the puppy picture.

Laurie Johnston who is working with me told Laura that I will grow in length for the first 5 months and start filling out and really gaining weight after that time.  She was right.  Everyone at Tetrick Funeral Services is really amazed at how big I am now.  However, I still love helping people as much as I did as a small puppy.  I can even do tricks for treats for the children and they love that or they can love on me and pet me.  I am a natural ham and just love being with people and helping to make their day a little brighter when they are sad.

Dr. Ron Scott thinks I’m a beautiful golden doodle.  I heard him tell Laura that and he’s glad to see that I’ve calmed down a little and am behaving better.  He, Laura and Richard Tetrick went to school together so he can tell her what he really thinks about me.  Thankfully it’s good, and I really like to go see him for my check-ups and shots.  He gets me!

We at Tetrick Funeral Services want to welcome Greg Harris to our staff!  Greg who is a funeral director has been in the funeral business for 21 years and started his career at Valley Funeral Home and then Hathaway-Percy Funeral Home as a young man.

Jason Bruner is a funeral director and embalmer and he has been serving at Tetrick Funeral Services for a little more than two years.  Jason and Greg are going to be Co-Managers of Tetrick Funeral Services.  We are so happy to have them as our Co-Managers as we strive to take excellent care of our families.

I wanted to bring you a new year update and invite you to stop in to meet me any time.  Along with the rest of the staff of Tetrick Funeral Services, we are here to serve you.

Happy Trails and type to you soon with paws of love!





As Christmas draws near and 2021 approaches, I want to wish each and every one a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I have met so many wonderful humans in the past six months. I hope that I can bring comfort to others who will need a little special touch in the coming year.  It has astounded all of us in how many people have asked to come and meet me, petted and loved me.  I am very humbled by the affection that has  been given to me wherever I have gone.

This past week has been different for me.  I have suffered a little anxiety separation because I am only 6 months old.  Laura had cataract surgery last week and couldn’t take care of me but Jason Bruner and Elizabeth Tetrick stepped right in and took me in and gave me wonderful times.  When Elizabeth brought me to the funeral home today, as soon as I walked in there was a family who needed me and I was so excited to meet them.  This is what I am supposed to do!!

Laura is posting a photo of me in my new red Artic Explorer coat.  She got it for me for Christmas so that I would stay warm on our cold walks this winter.  The other is a photo that Elizabeth took of me in front of their Christmas tree.  You can tell from it how much I have grown!

From my house to yours, have a wonderful Christmas as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  Merry Christmas, y’all!








Richie Shops at Lowe’s

Hello, World!

Now that I’ve had all of my shots, I can explore the world a little more.  Laura and I are going to some place called Lowe’s tonight so I’m excited to see what it is.  When we got there she told me that I would have to ride in the buggy but it had plenty of room so I didn’t mind.

We had such a good time!  As we walked in, the lady in the garden department wanted to take my picture and we got to know each other a little before we moved into the store.

Everywhere we went, people came up to us and wanted to either pet me or have their picture made with me.  They told us their dog stories too and showed us pictures of their fur babies.  One man who works at Lowe’s has a labradoodle and I think his dog must get into things like I do.  Whatever we can get into our mouths is a delicious thing — especially peanut butter. That’s the best treat ever.

The only thing that hurt my feelings would be if someone just walked on by and didn’t even acknowledge my presence.  If I could speak, I would want to say, “don’t you think I’m cute and don’t you want to pet me?”   There were even a few who asked if I am the puppy on the billboards.  They aren’t sure because I have grown so much since that photo was made.  I was two months old and weighed about 7 pounds then and now I’m 5 months old and weigh a little over 20 pounds.

On our way to the car, a young man stopped us and wanted to know where I came from because he thought I was the most beautiful golden doodle he had ever seen.  It’s my Paddington Bear face that wins them over.  Laura told him about Pigeon Forge Doodles and told him they have a website and are on Facebook with contact information.

As we are now reflecting on Thanksgiving, I want to tell each of you how thankful I am to be living in the greatest country ever and that people are so nice to me.  I am a friendly puppy and love to be around people.  God made me that way and He has already blessed me so much.  For that I am very grateful!





Richie Goes to Early Vote!

Being a patriotic puppy who loves the United States of America; Laura and I went to Jonesborough to vote when early voting began.

The waiting line was very long and knowing that I couldn’t stay in the car but a few minutes, Laura asked permission to bring me in with her.  Remember, I am a therapy dog in training so I know I would have to use my “party manners” if I was allowed entry.

 Before the poll judge could render a verdict on my entry, I was in her arms and giving her kisses.  You can see us in the picture that is posted.  She was very nice and gave me a qualified entry – behavior and being house broken.

 Everyone in line loved me!  There were several who even came up to Laura and asked if I was the puppy whose picture is on the billboards in Johnson City.  YES I AM!  I guess I have become a well known puppy.   We were walking down from Everlan Senior Living the other day and someone at the corner of Sharon Drive and Peoples Street put her passenger widow down and said to Laura, “is he the dog?  If so, he’s grown so much!  Laura laughed and said, “yes, he is the one.”  The lady waved at us and turned the corner and went on her away.  It just amazes us that I get attention wherever we go.

 Back to the voting – I helped everyone pass away the waiting time.  People would stop and pet me and some would rub my belly.  They didn’t care who I would have voted for.  They just liked me and I made the waiting time more fun for them.

 After voting, Laura was given the little sticker that said, “I Voted.”  She stuck it on my collar so I would feel like I had voted for my candidate of choice.

 If you haven’t early voted, please BE SURE TO VOTE NEXT TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3rd.  We are so fortunate to live in a country where we have the privilege and responsibility to make our vote count. 

If you see me around town; stop and say hello.  I love to meet new friends!